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    I am made to understand RUBATASIRWA KAYIBANDA MUSEVENI is trying to destroy his student records at Makerere University, which he attended to study Law. He was discontinued after the 1st year because of lack of academic ability to complete a very difficult course.
    He thereafter transferred to DAR ES SALAAM UNIVERSITY, again to study Law, courtesy of the generosity of the Upc government, where again he was discontinued after the 1st year for the similar reason of lack of intellectual ability.
    RUBATASIRWA made his third change of course, to Social Sciences, where he graduated with a PASS Degree, the equivalent of a certificate of attendance which many people are awarded after attending a 2 week residential course.
    RUBATASIRWA does not want this obvious history of academic failure to be confirmed in the same way that Bobi Wine’s lies and braggadocio have been exposed.

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    Nearly all children in the Uganda now are experiencing serious trauma as a result of the long stay away from school and imaging no hope of returning back any soon. This often evident in every home classroom in the form of challenging behavior. Because our Minister of Education & Sports has never been either a public or private school teacher, she can not Understand that trauma leads to bad classroom experiences for all. We may keep pretending that closing school is the best for our children but when we are gravely preparing a traumatized citizenry who will cost us more to repair than this COVID-19.
    I have no problem with you who claim our children are safe at home but I have the problem with the fact that they are not safe at all. You don’t have to kill a generation to stay in power to keep decorating your failed Minister of education & sport.

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    1-Chogm Scandal 2007, Ugx 500billion.
    2-Temangalo scandal 2008, Ugx 11billion.
    3- Global Fund scandal 2008, Ugx 95.8billion.
    4- ID scandal 2010, Ugx 150billion
    5- Bicycle scandal 2011, Ugx 4billion
    6- Microfinance and Kazibwe scandal 2011, Ugx 60billion
    7- Bassajabalaba compesation scandal 2011, Ugx 169billion
    8- Pension scandal 2012, Ugx 169billion.
    9- Prime minister’s office 2012, Ugx 5billion
    10- Jet fighter scam Ugx trillion
    11- Irish Aid for northern Uganda 2012, Ugx
    12- Mbale-Soroti road fraud 2015, Ugx 90billion 13- Museveni campaign money 2016, Ugx 2.4trillion
    14- Presidential Handshake 2017, Ugx 6billion.
    15-USD 379m to Lubowa hospital investor
    16-900 billion saga of bank of Uganda
    17-280 billion shillings Uganda Airlines saga and many more than thinking attacking will change our feel towards a failed government

    The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has been advised to allow all its members, including the MPs that voted against the Presidential Age Limit constitutional amendment in 2017, to attend the forthcoming party delegates conference.

    Yesterday, the NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba told press that 30 NRM MPs including those who voted against the age limit amendment would not be allowed to participate in the conference scheduled for 25th this month at Namboole stadium.

    Lumumba at a press conference, announced  that those on this list that wish to attend the event, will have to appear first before the party disciplinary committee.

    However, NRM’s Director Legal, Oscar Kihika in a letter dated 15th January 2019, warned Mrs Lumumba against blocking these MPs.

    He noted that these MPs are legally still members of the National conference basing on Article 11(2) of NRM constitution.

    “To the best of my knowledge, these MPs thus far have not been dismissed from the NRM,” he said.

    According to Kasule Lumumba, the so-called rebel MPs will be replaced by Independent MPs who lean towards NRM.

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    Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Museveni has lured everyone around the state and will soon call for the whole Uganda into overdrive of prayers for some kind of miracle as Mafia Yoweri Museveni stage two cancer hit a state of no recovery.

    Together with her daughter, the pseudo pastor Patience Rwabwogwo, the epilepsy patient Janet Kataha Museveni have called for a family crisis meeting on the way forward as Mafia Jajja will need a lot of prayers, family presence, consolation and sympathy.

    It is heard that German doctors regularly fly-in to give Mafia Museveni chemotherapy sessions and have secretly advised him to consider relinquish of power since he will need more time to rest and get treated, if he is to live a bit long.

    According to those who participated in the infamous trekking, which may be his final trip, Mafia Museveni looked even more frail, dehydrated and cold, he was kept under the sun shade to avoid radius which affects the skin badly and spread cancer cells.

    On the other hand, not everyone is sympathetic with Mafia Museveni’s aggravating cancer, some are biting their tongues that the old man gets completely incapacitated so they can go on with their plans.

    While Janet Mwesigwa Museveni is busy calling people to join her in endless prayers, she should understand that many families have lost their loved ones not by prostate cancer but at the orders of her husband.

    Epileptic Janet Museveni never even bothered to call or check on their families but now she wants the entire nation to understand her situation. A new born baby was tear gassed and lost sight but to such a baby her half divorced husband’s life is more important.

    We should remember that your are all in transit on this earth to unknown destination and it doesn’t make any sense to kill another human being while forgetting that your next flight out of this world is scheduled already and you just don’t know when that flight will arrive.

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    Andrew Kayiira
    I have just had a conversation with my good friend and a very brave journalist Mr Richard Wanambwa who covered the Police Senior Police party at Naguru.
    Mr Wanambwa has permitted me to quote him to wit that Gen Kayihura alerted top Police management he was not going to stay with them for long for the available information is that the assault on security installations was is eminent.
    I agree with Gen Kale Kaihura on his threat assesment.
    Gen Kale belongs to the club of Maj Victor Bwana and Col Mishambi.
    These were serious people.
    Indeed the attack is possible and eminent.
    How did we get to this?
    Late this year I was invited by Gen Kayihura in his farm 45 kms north of Lyantonde and we discussed both the primary and secondary contradictions in the NRM system.
    I was happy he had extended an arm for dialogue.
    He even allowed me access to Police training wing at Kabalye and I witnessed his capacity building strategy.
    President Museveni came over and went through his usual narrative of Uganda’s bottlenecks.
    I still found their analysis of the situation flawed for their belief in reliance on use of brute force or threat of use of force.
    This is a secondary contradiction for force and democracies are never complimentary.
    Dialogue is a sina-quonon to the survival a democracy.
    And this is where the death of Dr Kayiira becomes critical.
    Dr Kayira was the leader of Uganda Freedom Movement.( UFM)
    UFM of Kayiira and FEDEMO of Capt Nkwanga joined NRA and made the capture of Kampala smooth.
    Capt Jack Sabiiti then of UFM and now FDC MP Rukiga had objected to the peace deal with Museveni’s NRA.
    Hon Jack Sabiiti opposed handing over UFM guns to Museveni.
    Dr Kayiira over ruled Capt Jack Sabiiti and ordered UFM to surrender all the guns.
    Dr Kayiira was appointed a cabinet minister.
    Hon Jack Sabiiti prepared to go back to the bush and he indeed went back to the bush only to surrender to Lt Col Kiiza Besigye.
    Dr Kayiira and FEDEMO had embraced dialogue with NRA and Museveni.
    Later president Museveni summoned Dr Kayiira, late Baraki Kiirya, Capt Jack Sabiiti, Poul Kagame now president of Rwanda etc and put it to Dr Kayiira that UFM hadn’t handed in all the guns and that Museveni’s informer insisted he knew where the UFM guns had been hidden.
    The meeting agreed that Musevei’s informer leads a joint team of Kayiira and Museveni to the said site and they dig out the guns.
    Im advised President Kagame led the joint team.
    The informer showed them the site, they dug in and there was no trace of any guns.
    The meeting reconvened for the report on the said excavation and Museveni rejected the report arguing the boy had been intimidated.
    Later Dr Kayiira was executed.
    Most FEDEMO and UFM operatives were eliminated in the North and Eastern Uganda.
    I put it to Gen Kayiihura in our dialogue at his farm, that it was this failed experiment at genuine dialogue and reconciliation that was going to plunge Uganda into another round of a vicious war.
    I put it to Gen Kayiihura and would still put before any other individual in NRM that NRM and NRA lack a superior qualitative method to resolve complex contradictions qualitatively.
    The only available method is dismissals, isolation, blackmail, katebe, subjugation etc.
    All these emit negative energy.
    NRM/A is alien to genuine dialogue and reconciliation.
    You hear of nugatory statements like “ take him to Mzee/ Museveni for rehabilitation”.
    If you have a different view then you are indisplined, lacking in political clarity, poor/broke and desirous of a job and therefore for curtailment through operative combination.
    I put it to Gen Kale Kayihura that moderate elements in the various insurgency groups, the LRA, ADF, UPA, UPDA, Rescue Front, West Nile Bank Front etc were allowed to surrender with amnesty and most of them were later killed and or jailed under other flesh charges.
    Those who were deployed in security were later killed in mysterious circumstances.
    Atleast they were never accorded quality security.
    Some Sheiks who had embraced dialogue were recently executed.
    And this is a big problem.
    Those who stayed in the bush/ who had misgivings on the Museveni mode of dialogue are wholly radicals and have had a stint on and analyzed the obvious outcomes of Museveni dialogue.
    Ofcourse it’s getting late to construct a superior and qualitative superstructure to deliver a qualitative conversation that would resolve the apparent contradictions qualitatively.
    In case war breaks out, we will then have a double complex task of managing this armed conflict commanded by radicals on the one hand and the NRA/ UPDF who are only exposed to fighting the weak with a deceptive offer of dialogue and reconciliation.
    Amama Mbabazi and Gen Tinyefuza who are the architects of this mode of the deceptive dialogue and reconciliation are now its victims. They took part in most critical decisions relating to some killings. I suggest we require them to tell the country the truth, and honest truth. This could be a firm foundation for future National healing and reconciliation.

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    We happened to have spent $740million USD on purchasing only six SU 30-MK2 Russian fighter jets but the kingdom of Morroco did build her own bullet modern train covering 323 km for just USD $2.3 billion only.

    This implies that we had capacity to do the same even better by covering this small country with railway networks connecting all major urban centers such as kabale, Mbarara, Masaka, Kampala, Jinja, Tororo to Nimule and return back to kitgum, Moroto and Kasese.

    I come to conclude that it’s often the visionary and patriotic leadership that will develop societies. It’s never eloquent speeches or the total number of MPs in the house. We’re here to count the standard of physical infrastructure and today we struggle to appropriately connect even the nearest towns like jinja and masaka.

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    The Ministry of disaster preparedness has never been prepared for any disaster. They are always waiting for a 35 days notice that landslide will happen.
    This time the disaster happened when all Ministry employees were abroad on vacation.
    When the Bududes call they’re told, we are not here. How were we to know that landslide were going to happen.

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    The manner our ministers reason leave behind alot to be desired. Religion is a choice, you dont decide for us and our families whom and when to worship. Where’s the religious freedoms, our families have a right to practice vodooism, okusamila, become atheists, go to church or not. The society has more pressing challenges than non starter predicaments. Thousands of children are on the streets, many go to school barefooted while other wont continue furthering their education on empty stomach and you hear directives sending us back to renaissance ages.Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi

    State Minister for Children Affairs Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi has said next year her ministry will enforce laws against violation of Children’s rights including arresting parents who deny their children the right to faith.

    She said parents who leave children at home on Sundays, violate rights of those children. She said the behavior tantamount to child neglect which could lead to severe punishment.

    The minister’s comments were part of her Christmas message she delivered today. Nakiwala says children have a right to faith which must be granted by parents.

    “If you don’t take your child to Church, it means you have violated their right to faith” she said.

    She says that come 2020, her ministry will be more vigilant in enforcement of such rights of children like never before.

    Nakiwala said her ministry will also not tolerate cases of child abuse involving parents who allow their children access pornography through their handhelds gadgets. She advised parents to ensure that children access to phones is limited otherwise they may be caught up by the law.

    “If you let your phone to the child and the child accesses pornography, and other social media materials that violate the rights of that child, you will be imprisoned” Nakiwala said.

    Under the Constitution, children are protected against activities that are harmful to their spiritual, moral or social development.

    According to the Children’s Act, child neglect means failure to provide for the basic physical, emotional and developmental needs of a child such as health, education, emotional development, nutrition, shelter and safe living conditions which can cause or have a high probability of causing impairment of a child’s health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

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    The struggle continues and it’s not over till it’s over!!!!!We as the opposition have the right to speak and be heard without being threatened because of our differences in opinions and views!!!We are disgruntled for a reason and should not be tortured and brutalised because we feel the need for change!!Let us continue speaking out and exposing the evilness amidst us/”leaders”……..Am sure by now most of us are able to identify some individuals by name and even quote their threats!!!we need to keep exposing them for what they are!!!Mine are in the comments……..people power our power!!!!set our people free……..we know they’re still locked up and are being tortured!!!!!!

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    Dear comrades,

    We can now clearly see that Uganda is under pure military dictatorship with white washed democracy.

    When leaders believe they are invincible, they start to make all sorts of statements. THATS WHAT THE NRM GAVE UGANDANS BY CHANGING AGE LIMIT.

    Today Rt. Hon Kadaga should realise the mess she caused to our country when she accepted to be used during TOGIKWATAKO.

    Parliament of Uganda lost all its respect when you let the President take over your seat as Speaker and decide what happens in parliament.
    You clearly humiliated all your allies and those that had trust in you even when the NRM had abandoned you. Parliament was raided, members of parliament beaten under your watch. Parliament has become a shadow of its own self.

    Hardly two weeks ago, President Museveni stayed that he can disband the electoral commission.
    What form of justice are we still looking for ?

    You successfully participated in building this life Presidency and that’s how it behaves. So from today just know that we are all like Grasshoppers in the saucepan of the dictator.
    Not even yourself Rt hon Kadaga, the dictator will not spare your seat but they will be no one left to fight for you.

    Every Ugandan can make their contribution, a mere share of this message is good enough.
    Your biggest enemy is fear.


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    Museveni shares one thing in common with his African strongmen peers, that is insatiable greed for power to control people, resources and primitively accumulate wealth.

    Certainly, their fate is bound to end in bursting their belly; Sani Abacha ate all the oil in Nigeria until his belly burst.It said the Nigeria’s former military ruler had accumulated upon his death in 1998, over $4.3bn held in personal and proxy bank accounts in tax havens as diverse as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Jersey, and Liechtenstein. His wife Maryam was caught trying to flee the country with 38 suitcases stuffed with cash and his first son returned $1.2 billion to the Nigerian government in 2002.

    According to African Union report, the collection of all these African strongmen hemorrhage the continent with up to loss of more than $50bn every year in illicit financial outflows.

    A step back home in Uganda, another fraudulently imposing president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has taken greed to another dimension. Besides controlling power, all the resources, state institution and micro managing all the levels of society, he is pushing through a very unpopular constitutional amendment which will grant him the absolute control of all the land resources in the country.
    The paradox is that he is constitutionally prohibited from seeking the same position of the fountain of honor come 2021 when he is officially over the age cap of 75 years. The aggressive stance he has put to have the people deprived of the land ownership for all intents and purposes is a vivid a sign of someone not ready to relinquish power come 2021.

    Therefore I predict he will eat until his belly burst open if we Ugandans don’t put a speed governor to his insatiable greed.

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    Flight Captain Mike Mukula first ventured into mainstream politics in 2001 when he was elected the Member of Parliament (M.P) for Soroti Municipality in Teso region. Immediately after, Museveni appointed him Minister of State for Health. He came to the limelight when he became the patron of the Arrow Group – a local initiative of vigilantes from Teso region who helped the army to defeat the LRA incursion in that region in 2003. The group was mainly comprised of mainly former rebels of the Uganda People’s Army (UPA) that had abandoned rebellion and joined rebellion in 1991.

    Intelligence reports reaching Museveni at the time indicated that Mike Mukula was nursing ambitions of vying for the presidency. In May 2006 Museveni dropped him from his cabinet and the following month the commission of inquiry into mismanagement of Global Fund to fight Malaria, TB and AIDS released its report with among other recommendations that the culprits (Mukula inclusive) should be prosecuted. The theft of 1.6b shillings had also involved the then Minister of Health, Gen. Jim Muhwesi, State Minister Dr. Alex Kamugisha, and Alice Kaboyo, who doubled as museveni’s in-law and Private Secretary. As Mukula’s presidential ambitions became more open, a year later Museveni decided to act on the report of the commission of inquiry. A combined force comprising of police, Military Police, and regular soldiers arrested Mike Mukula and dragged him straight to court that remanded him to Ruzira Prison on charges of abuse of office. Later on Gen. Muhwezi, Dr. Kamugisha and Alice Kaboyo were also arrested, charged and remanded and they were all granted bail by the High Court. Following a series of petitions in both the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, criminal proceedings were halted.

    During this period Mukula went ahead with his presidential ambitions. He expressed dissatisfaction with the Museveni regime in a secret meeting with top officials of the USA Embassy. During the meeting he told the diplomats that Museveni’s popularity was dwindling within his party and that he was grooming his son as his successor. He went ahead to advise that he should not impose his son on the party and the country before warning that such a move would have a backlash. He went ahead to disclose that he was advocating for the restoration of presidential term limits and that NRM’s support in Buganda was dwindling.

    In March 2012 the four accused big shots withdrew their appeal. The trial resumed in June 2012 before the Anti-corruption Court. Immediately upon resumption of the trial, on 12th June 2012 Alice Kaboyo changed her mind and decided to plead guilty for theft of 250m shillings. She was convicted and sentenced to two years imprisonment with an alternative of 20m shillings fine. She paid the 20m fine and was let off the hook. On 18th March 2013, court concluded the trial by acquitting Gen. Muhweezi and Dr. Kamugisha of any wrong doing but found Mike Mukula guilty as charged. He was sentenced to a mandatory four years imprisonment for theft of 261m shillings and made to refund it after it was discovered that out of the 263m shillings he had given the 54 million to the First Lady under unclear circumstances. Mike Mukula cried foul alleging that his conviction was politically motivated and that he was a victim of selective prosecution.

    As had always been the practice, a high powered delegation from Teso region comprised of Bishops, M.Ps, elders, cultural leaders and others met Museveni and appealed to him to set free Mike Mukula. Museveni told them that he couldnt twist the law to grant freedom to the jailed Mukula. However, he promised to pay for his legal fees and indeed 100m of the tax payer’s money was given to Mike Mukula for his legal fees. During the same meeting, Museveni went ahead to lecture members of the delegation over Mukula’s luxurious lifestyle. He said “……..knowing the dangers of people who love who love soft life, the NRM made it a philosophy and enshrined it in its constitution, the distaste for people who love luxury as they often ignore people’s affairs.” At the time, Mukula owned six planes and a chain of business enterprises. Two months later, in March 2016 the High Court quashed Mukula’s conviction and he was set free from prison.

    After realizing that his presidential ambitions were a matter of life and death, in May 2015 Mukula announced his retirement from politics. In an extensive interview with The Monitor, he indirectly attacked Museveni’s continued hold on power thus “…..it is always right to come out of politics when you are still popular, not to be chased by the people.” He bitterly and courageously confirmed the views over the Museveni regime that he had shared with the diplomats at the USA Embassy in 2001. He went ahead to declare that he had dropped his presidential ambitions thus “…….we agreed that we have one presidential aspirant that we would like to support as the NRM flag bearer and that is President Museveni”. In a turn of events, Mukula went ahead to retain the NRA Vice Chairmanship for Eastern region.

    In November 2015, Mike Mukula offered his helicopter for Museveni’s election campaigns. During the early days of the elections campaigns in the eastern region, the helicopter would fly at all the Museveni rallies. By mid December 2015, Museveni’s campaign team and security detail were uncomfortable with Mukula’s dominance at the campaign rallies. His helicopter was was branded a security threat to the president. By mid January 2016, Mukula and his helicopter were totally absent from Museveni’s campaign rallies. When violence broke out in the Rwenzori region immediately after the elections, Mike Mukula self assigned himself as the mediator between the protagonists – Bakonjo and Bamba cultural leaders. He put himself in the line of fire when he contradicted the regime by publicly stating that the violence in the Rwenzori was not ethnically motivated. He was later accused of falsely claiming that he was sent by Museveni to organise national inter-religious prayers for the violence in the Rwenzori yet the regime was selling the ethnic version of events. It was later reported that Museveni had ejected Mukula from poking his nose into the Rwenzori affairs. During the regime’s Central Executive Committee meeting at State House, Museveni branded Mukula a conman for masiqurading as his envoy in the Rwenzori region violence. He reportedly advised Mukula that the Rwenzori violence was a security matter before advising him to leave it to the security people.

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    Majority of Ugandans abroad were born and bred in Uganda, both their parents were born and bred in Uganda, both their paternal and maternal grandparents were born and bred in Uganda. So, how the hell do they not become Ugandans the moment they acquire dual citizenship, and are,therefore, required to pay huge amounts of money to become Ugandans again. Its really laughable, to say the least, and more laughable that organisations such as UNAA, are the ones organising the issuing of dual citizenship certificates. Actually,the $450 charged for dual citizenship is relic of a ‘money-making’ scheme than anything else.I am suspicious of what appears to be a widespread desire to milk money out of Ugandans abroad, and its disgusting. So disgusting!

    Nobody likes being segregated,because that’s how it feels like for Ugandans with dual citizenship, basing on the ignorance of some legislators. Yes, its pure ignorance because the dual citizenship law as it is, smells of ignorance of those who passed it.We should stop labelling Ugandans abroad in any way. Issuing them certificates is totally ridiculous. Born in Ireland, the (English) Duke of Wellington never liked to be called an Irishman. His rebuttal — “When somebody was born in a stable, that does not make him a horse.”

    Secondly, passports are documents in the name of a head of state asking that their subjects be granted protection in a country outside their jurisdiction.They have been around since the 19th and 20th century. So, I find it odd that again Ugandans abroad are charged different passport fees(renewal and lost passports) in comparison to those at home.This is the segregation and the money making scheme i’m talking about, and it should stop. There should be standard fees for all passports!

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    On February 1st 1974 President Iddi Amin issued a decree outlawing wearing of wigs. He argued that it makes “our women look un-African and artificial”. On the same day, women were banned from wearing trousers. On June 5th 1974 he issued another decree outlawing wearing of miniskirts that are more than three inches above the knee line. Iddi Amin (pictured being greeted Princes Elizabeth Bagaya who is donning a pair of shots, has been severally criticized for banning miniskirts during his so called dictatorial reign.

    In April 2013, the President Yoweri Museveni government tabled a bill that sought to outlaw indecent dressing and in particular, miniskirts, as one of the behaviors deemed pornographic. The Minister of Ethics, Fr. Lokodo argued that the bill targeted “irresponsible” women wearing clothes above the knee in public because they are “hurting the moral fibre of Uganda.”

    Last week the Ministry of Public Service issued a directive on the dress code for Public servants. Females are required not to wear tight clothes, skirts and dresses that are above the knees while men are to avoid tight trousers. The government argues that public officers were dressing indecently during the execution of their duties. The circular that carried the directive threatened stern disciplinary action for noncompliance.

    All African dictators resort to such trivial draconian administrative measures to divert the attention of their citizens from their failures, repression and dictatorship. Going by the dress code circular, Museveni and his wife (pictured above in tight trousers at a campaign rally in 1980 and in mini-dress in 1979 respectively) can be said to be the patrons of the so called indecent dressing in Uganda. Six years later in 1986, they took over leadership of the country and have occupied State House for 31 years now.

    To what extent did their indecent dressing background help in making them oppressive? Anyway, there is no cause for worry as Museveni will very soon do the usual needful, undoing the Public Service directive in order to get cheap popularity.

    The country, under Museveni’s tyrany can’t talk about indecent dressing when in March 2015 elderly women (pictured above) in Amuru stripped naked in public while protesting against land grabbing by the regime. They blocked the road that was being used by the notorious and treacherous former Internal Affairs Minister, Gen. Aronda and Lands Minister, Saudi Migereko. The curse from that incident still haunts the regime.

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